Generation Naow

I would like to apologize on behalf of my generation. Growing up in an economic boom hooked on Internet-enabled smart phones, On Demand television, and fast food we don't know how to wait for anything. And we certainly don't know how to work hard for what we want.

Constant connectivity has turned us into a culture of instant gratification. A generation of entitlement. We are Generation Naow.

As obvious as this may sound, most of us don't see it. We have no idea because we can't see past our own expectations. Technology and societal wealth have made our lives better, but too many of us have never experienced life without these crutches. Too many of us don't appreciate what we have.

I don't see this as a pragmatic view. No, this is the type of realistic outlook we need to fix things. Before you can begin searching for a solution you must recognize the problem. My generation's problem is that even though we were born on third, we act like we hit a triple. We have become lazy in our entitlement.

As a society that depends on itself for support, we need a solid, self-sustaining infrastructure of hard workers. Yet when I look at others my age, I shake my head in dismay and disbelief. Years of participation ribbons and pass-fail grades have groomed us to expect success. Most of us have never experienced failure or truly struggled with anything beyond our video games. Unwilling to work hard, we've set a low growth ceiling. And that worries me. Too many of us are cannibalizing our own futures.

But it's not all doom and gloom. Though the divide between the slackers and hackers is wide and growing fast, there are some who have taken advantage of today's technologies without falling into a downward circle of entitlement. They see the problems and are driven to be better. To plan ahead, set goals, and work hard. These hard workers are a subset of Generation Naow who are unwilling to be satisfied with mediocrity. They are our future.

So consider this a call to arms. Those of us who can need to lead by example. We need more visionaries, more planners. More hard workers willing to sacrifice now to build for tomorrow. And we all need to start looking past our immediate needs and put in the time and effort to make the world a better place. With the tools and technologies available these days it'd be a shame not to.