The Next Chapter In StageBloc's Evolution / by Tom Giles

By now you may have heard the news… on Thursday, March 17 we announced that Fullscreen acquired StageBloc. This was an incredible outcome for everyone involved, including the founders, our team, investors, and the business. We are all extremely excited about where we stand today and the road ahead of us :)

This journey began many (many) years ago and I couldn’t be prouder of what we accomplished and the position we all are now in. When I reflect upon the past twelve years and the hard work that was done, the growth we made as individuals, and the team, product and business we collectively built, I am honored and feel incredibly lucky.

To everyone who has helped along the way, thank you! Whether directly or indirectly, we could not have accomplished this without the support of many incredible people.

Thank you to everyone's parents, friends and families, who supported us even when we seemed crazy. To our advisors (Tom Ryan, Robert Chang, Cory Levy, and Ethan Kaplan) and everyone who unofficially advised and supported us with advice and good will. To Jim Spinello, who went above and beyond on all levels. To all our investors who stepped up, believed in and supported us. To the incredible people we met in Nashville and through Topspin who were instrumental in our early years. To the support we got in the tech and startup communities of Milwaukee and Chicago. To our early accounts and industry supporters. To everyone and anyone who helped us along the way. Thank you!!

Though this is a new chapter in StageBloc's evolution, I am thrilled to be moving forward with a partner who shares our vision, goals and belief in how to best help artists of all kinds and shape the future of the entertainment industry. It is an honor to be working alongside such incredibly smart, motivated, and talented individuals who I am lucky to now consider family.

Here's to an incredible journey... past, present and future!